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Welcome to the WebSite that speaks about God in a common sense way!

God's Sense is a concept promoting, to the world, that God makes sense. Christianity is often shown in a unreachable form. It is our contention that God is extremely reachable according to the Bible and is constantly trying to reach out to each of us. Each week a selection is published for you to consider. I ask only that you reveiw and "think" about these concepts and see if you agree or disagree. If you disagree, that's OK because not everyone will agree with one concept. As long as you are thinking about God, you are taking the first step to reach out to God.

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What If?

            Do you believe a good self-examination every once in a while is good for you?  We mean a really deep look at yourself, your lifestyle and the direction your life is headed!  Then there is the “What if?” factor that we should examine so we might strive to live our lives to their fullest.  We use this term so that you might comprehend the direction of your life “if” you had chosen a different way.  Each moment you are faced with choices that determine, not only the next moment, but maybe your entire future.  This decision might even be life threatening, in that you chose to place yourself in jeopardy.  None of us would intentionally do this, but all the same, the choice to drive distracted, to jump into the deep water, to ignore that sign that says stop.  In any case it might mean the difference between life and death.  However, most of our choices do not lead to that—thank God!  Most of our choices lead to the particular lifestyle we set our minds upon.

            When it comes to choices of lifestyles that lead us to a particular point in life, we often look longingly upon the past and wish we had made better decisions.  Like: “I wish I had finished high school or college!”  “I should have taken that opportunity when it was offered to me!”  “I wish I had never started smoking or doing drugs!”  It can get real serious very quickly and sometimes the end results is not a life you would have chosen at all.  It is just what “is”!  Oh, you want to change, but now it is engrained and set so deep that you simply cannot see yourself changing.  Let us share one thought that is important for us to understand: “Only God can change your basic personality!”  All the self-help books and all the self-discipline attempts have yielded no result—try God!  It seems we only turn to God when there is no other choice.  It is said there are only a few times when we will seek God in our lives, and most of them are life changing—grave illnesses, loss of financial security, interpersonal relationship problems.

            Our ability to seek God is only a moment away, for that is all it takes for us to acknowledge Him.  “That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.  For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” Romans 10:9-10 Our relationship with God is secure when we do these two things and all the “What if’s?” in the world will not change our eternal destiny.  Even our earthly presence is blessed due to our new found relationship with God.  News flash: “God wants to bless you abundantly!”  The Bible is filled with His seeking you and all you have to do is open your life to His influence and allow His Holy Spirit to enter your life.  The question remains: “What if you sought God in this way?”  How would it change your life?  Better yet, “Would you be willing to embrace a better life?”  All of us would say yes to this, but then we want to keep a foothold in our own life—of which, we must let go!  Oh, it doesn’t happen all at once, but it does happen!  God can and does change you!

            What if you do choose to live a life that “changes everything”?  We hear this term in commercials and everyday living, as people strive to convince you their way or their product is the best.  We are not trying to sell you a bill of goods here, but to open your eyes to what could be!  In life there are those who seemingly follow the wind any direction it may blow you.  This means they are high one moment and down the next, for the winds are confusing.  Wouldn’t you like for your life to be based upon a more solid foundation?  We continue to ask questions in an attempt to show you the “What if?” difference in your life.  There is one point needed to be made here.  God embraces you as you are and then He does the changing!   You do not have to change first—He wants you to only open your heart to the possibilities.  This is a very personal relationship we are talking about and one that is difficult for most to comprehend.  Yet, it is the most changing, powerful and awesome relationship you will ever have in your life.


            Placing your trust in anything else will only lead to your disappointment.  Most would say they are in control, but is not life controlling you?  Just when we think we have all our ducks in a row, something happens and we sit looking at life wondering what happened.  Sometimes it becomes serious—divorce, illness, deaths, etc.  We have found that we are not nearly as controlling as we thought we were.  It goes against the grain, but we are subject to whims of this world.  You want to depend upon the government to be your salvation—that is almost a laughing matter.  If you want security, you must seek God and make Him a part of your life—no, not part, but everything in your life.  God cannot be seen as a stop-gap relationship, whereby you only turn to Him in times of trouble.  God is not fire insurance that just keeps you from trouble in this life and Hell in the next.  God wants a personal relationship that is ever-growing and leading to closeness that is eternal.  You must make a commitment and decide now if you want that kind of life.  Just what if you do decide to follow Jesus?  How would that change your life?  Trust that God has your best interest at heart—believe!  Once you open your eyes to His leadership, then you will find the “possibilities”.



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